Create a poster to honor Female Physicians During the current Health Crisis. This project introduces children to graphic design of a poster. We will recreate the zine cover from ASIAN AMERICAN FEMINIST ANTIBODIES ASIAN AMERICAN FEMINIST ANTIBODIES {care in the time of coronavirus}. Before starting, read or watch some videos on important female health workers in history (listed below).
1. Give your child a printed version of the template above.
2. For the area in Section 1 above, have your child draw tools/devices that physicians and nurses use. You can print out clipart for inspiration. 
3. For Section 2 in the template, have your child draw human body cells and viruses. You can print out clipart for inspiration or look at the links below. 
4. In Section 3 in the template, have your child draw two to three female doctors and nurses. 
5. Have your child use selected palettes of color for each section. Outline the lines with black. 
6. Ask your child to write a blurb of text for the top of the poster.
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