Women have been homemakers, homebuilders, home-creators throughout history.
According to
"The myths of Minerva and Heista--and many anthropological reports--indicate that women probably invented architecture. At least, women were the first builders in many cultures, as among the !Kung gatherer-hunters of Africa, primitive people of Southern Australia, and the Agta of the Phillipines ()."
1. Look at the patent by Harriet Irwin for an octagonal house, the first woman to patent an architectural design. 
2. Watch a video that shows work by architect Zaha Hadid
3. Watch the video on how to make a house of cards by the Child Creativity Lab in Santa Ana
4. Build a house of cards to hold up a small figurine. We didn't have regular cards so we used the cards from HABA Rhino Hero A Heroic Stacking Card Game.
5. Include a backdrop for visual effect. Backdrop here is from a Lisa Frank Giant Sticker Activity Pad.
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