Create a blind contour drawing of you and your mother. Read some books and look at some artworks listed below. We were inspired by
Jenny Saville, Aleppo​​​​​​​
1. Take a photograph of a mother holding her child. You could look at images of the Pieta for inspiration. 
2. For younger children, you can use a filter in photoshop to adjust the photograph to be only black and white contours.
3. Have your child sit at a table with the picture in front of them. 
4. Cover their paper and pen (or pencil) with a blanket. 
4. Have your child draw the contours they see in the image using black pen or pencil.
5. Try this many times to see the different results.
My first iterations are below. I tried the drawing several times, each with different results. I learned to focus on the heads, faces, and hands. Each emphasized different lines/shapes. 
We watched a few videos of people who have done blind contour drawings
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