Create your own flag that represents ideas important to women and girls.
The first flag below symbolizes the number of women in 116th U.S. Congress. 47 dots are purple to represent the 47 women of color in Congress. 127 dots total represent the number of total women. The space taken up by dots is about 25%, which represents that only 25% of total 535 people are women. 
Number of Women in Congress. "Of the 127 women serving in the 116th U.S. Congress, 47, or 37.0%, are women of color; in addition, a Black woman, a Latina, an Asian Pacific Islander, and a Caribbean American woman serve as Delegates to the House from Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands, respectively. Women of color constitute 8.8% of the total 535 members of Congress." 
The flag below was created to represent values selected by my daughter. You can have older children write down what their flags represent. 
My other daughter created the flag below, based on the symbolism listed.
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